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  1. Place a <div> (or some other container) or your site

  2. Style it with a non-zero width and height

  3. Give it a unique id

  4. Load the TRUECHART Core files

  5. Do some initial configuration

  6. Create an instance, add data

  7. .show()

The code could look like this:

<div id='truechartcore' style='width:300px;height:300px'></div>
<script src=""></script>
  // referencing the API in a local variable for quicker access
  var TC_API = window['TrueChartCore_API'];

  // setting config
    documentLocation: "localhost",
    documentName: "example",
    documentTitle: document.title,
    getServerId: sourceObject =>,
    user: { username: "Me" }

  // creating an trueChart instance inside an existing DIV
  var tc = TC_API.createTrueChart(document.getElementById("truechartcore"));

  // adding data
  var data = tc.DataManager.addDataSource("My Data");

      name: "Region",
      type: "text"
  }, ["Region 1", "Region 2", "Region 3"]);

      name: "Population",
      type: "number"
  }, [5600, 6800, 4200]);

  // trigger show;
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