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The Qlik Sense Mobile App is an app that allows you to work with Qlik Sense apps on mobile devices. TRUECHART supports the Qlik Sense Mobile app.

Online Mode

The online mode allows you to edit your app and access the data just like the Qlik Sense Server or Qlik Sense Desktop. In the online mode TRUECHART is working without limitations.

While being online all comments stored in the TRUECHART Service will be displayed.

Offline Mode

The offline mode is a special mode that only allows you to show your app. That means that the app is not editable. Therefore, TRUECHART is also not editable. In the offline mode you can also not edit comments since you cannot edit the app and have no access to the TRUECHART service.

In the case of comments, TRUECHART shows the comments that are saved in the app. If you have a published app you will not see the comments in the offline mode unless you copy these comments through the button action Save comments in App in this app.

How to see your comments in a published app while being offline

By default, TRUECHART displays all comments stored locally while being offline. Published apps can not update their local state, so without preparation you can only see the state of the comments when the app was published. Follow the instruction, to see the latest version of your comments from the published app in offline mode:

  1. Duplicate the published app into your workstream.

  2. Trigger the button action Save comments in App. Your comments will be downloaded now into your app. The downloaded comments are only been displayed when you do not have a service connection.

  3. After finishing this download process, republish the app and overwrite the app from step 1.

  4. Download or update your app in the Qlik Sense Mobile app.

  5. After opening the app in offline mode, you will see the latest version of your comments.


Common tables that are published with the option to use a different common table in the published version, cannot make use of this function. In the offline app there is no way to determine if the local or the published common table should be used. Therefore currently the local common table is shown as a default.

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