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What is Qlik View?

Qlik helps people find deeper insights by harnessing human intuition and machine intelligence during the analytics process. In QlikView you can define pixel perfect dashboards and applications to get the most out of your data.


TRUECHART is an enterprise solution for IBCS charts and data-driven communication. It extends the functionality of QlikView by charts with uncompromising clarity, interactive selections and real-time communication.

Please look for general information to the TRUECHART Platform introduction.

The latest version for TC4View is v2020.11.2, any TC versions beyond this will not be supported by TRUECHART on QlikView

Communicate on data points

Common chart solutions only shows the 'what' by only displaying the data points. TRUECHART extends the insights that you get from your data by giving you the possibility connect the 'what' information with the 'why'. You will have the possibility to add comments and connect them with all data points. This functionality can also be extended. By adding KPICHAT to your already existing installation of TRUECHART you will gain the possibility to chat in real-time. You have the possibility to link your chat with the data, so you only will see the information that are linked with your data.

More information about KPICHAT


The first look on the possibilities that you gain with TRUECHART4QLIKVIEW can be overwhelming. You can use our starting guide for a quick entrance to the extension.

Getting Started with TRUECHART4QLIKVIEW

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