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User permission schemes for KPICHAT Users

KPI-CHAT users can be assigned permission through TRUECHART management console . 

Permission Types:

KPI-CHAT Administrators-  Admin can create/manage channels that they have created or where they've been added as an Administrator , add or remove users from channel, show channel list and select a channel in BI app before publishing the BI app

KPI - CHAT System Administrators- With this permission users will be able to edit any channel in the system without being assigned as Channel Administrator ie All users who are assigned to this are able to edit EVERY channel on the system, even if they are assigned or not assigned as channel administrator. This role is effective when synced new channels are not editable and viewable by any user . So these new channels will be hidden.

KPI-CHAT Consumers-  Regular users who can collaborate on selected channels 

Adding new Local users

  1. Open the User Administration page in the TRUECHART Management Console.

  2. Click on New User.

  3. In the New User dialog, enter First nameLast nameUsernameEmail and desired role from the Permissions list.

  4. Click on Save to create the new user.

An existing TRUECHART user can also be assigned KPI-CHAT permissions 

Changing existing users:

  1. Hover over the user you want to change and click on edit.
  2. Change the users desired information or permissions.

  3. Click on save to apply the changes.

Changing existing user’s permissions on the user management screen: 

  1. Search or scroll to the user.
  2. Check or uncheck on a permission you would like to remove or add.
  3. And click on save.

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