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Furthermore, users must be created in order for the TRUECHART visual to communicate with the TRUECHART service. If you need help, consider reading the TRUECHART Service Guide.

The following browsers are supported:


Known Issue: At the moment there is a known issue with PowerBI itself when using the 1:1 Actual size view, where the custom visuals don't get their state updated when switching between reading and editing mode. The PowerBI team is aware of this and hopefully resolves this soon.

Context Menu

Right clicking on the visualization opens the TRUECHART context menu, which offers multiple options to configure the visualization. Depending on what element is clicked when opening the context menu the entries might be different. The last entry of the context menu opens a separate PowerBI context menu with PowerBI specific options.

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Where to go from here?

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first TRUECHART visualization and successfully added data to the display. Information about the further configuration of TRUECHART can be found in the general introduction.