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KPI-CHAT v2021.1.0

Features & Improvements

  • Permissions
    • User permissions have been enhanced and now allows you the capability to control who can see and contribute to chats.
    • Admin users can be specified per channel, giving you more control.
  • KPI CHAT now functions similarly to the popular chat applications you know and love with added functions now available such as:
    • Unread Message Count display
    • Ability to Archive channel
    • Ability to Delete a message
    • Ability to "Reply" to a specific message in a channel
    • Ability to "Edit" a sent message
    • Ability to search Channels
  • KPI CHAT is also now available in both English and German.
  • You can now customize colours and themes on the application to match your company’s Corporate Identity.

Known Issues

  • PowerBI - When the "All" filter is used, the full list displays in the header – this is not circumventable at this point, as this is a function of the BI Tool

KPI-CHAT v2020.11.1


Features & Improvements

  • New permission: KPI-CHAT System Administrator [KC-1112]
  • Provide password to get access on newly synced channels [KC-1114]
  • Cant @ users in kpi chat that don't have an email address set [KC-1208]


  • Text Editor is Missing when opening a channel through email link and messenger [KC-1186]
  • Sync: service must not check permission schemes for sync related APIs [KC-1182]
  • Can't delete user that has ever triggered a sync [KC-1181]

KPI-CHAT v2020.11.0